TCI Yodhas moving the essential goods

As India's leading logistics player that has been in business for over six decades, we realize that in this tough time of the Coronavirus pandemic while the country is undergoing a lockdown, it is crucial for us to help you meet the challenges that you may be facing. For the same, the supply warriors, our TCI Yodhas, are keeping the nation first and working tirelessly at the ground level so that people can stay safe in their homes. Our operations are ongoing wherever possible to support the movement of essential goods. At this critical period of crisis, we are here to support your business.

TCI is running its operations by following the strict social distancing and sanitization norms, also other safety protocols issued by the Central and State governments. We are executing everything taking the utmost precautions to help everyone stay safe while remaining undeterred to serve you. We understand that the uncertainty may lead to an inconvenience till the time the situation eases, however, with minimal team members on the ground, TCI Parivar is available to address all emails, calls and escalations promptly.

To keep your business moving, here are our latest updates:
Through TCI's strong integrated multimodal network of rail, road & sea, our TCI Yodhas have taken the initiative to supply essential goods and services. Thus far, 2 lakhs tons of daily need items such as poultry, fruits, vegetables, grains, agro products, salt, cotton and timber have been carried in over 5000 containers through 2000+ trucks on the road.

Likewise, to combat COVID-19, we are providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits, ventilators & medicines to remote locations across the country.

Multimodal Movement (Coastal Shipping & Container Rail):
Our coastal ships are carrying food grains, pulses, medicines, vegetables to ports in Cochin, Mangalore, Tuticorin and Port Blair. A location like Andaman's is being majorly serviced by TCI ships.
Container Rail services for Domestic and Export movements are being done. Items such as Salt, Soda, Alcohol, Acids which are used for making essential products are being carried.

Cold Chain:
Our Refrigerated trucks and warehouses are operational carrying food and medicines. Also enabling Cloud Kitchens and Dark Kitchens of Food Delivery companies.

Road Freight Movement:
We are also carrying food, ventilators, etc. through our normal and container trucks for NGOs, Dairies and manufacturers of these items.

Warehousing & Last Mile:
Our FMCG and E-commerce warehouses are running to support essential supplies of soaps, food, sanitizers, etc.

Our Infrastructure to prevent Coronavirus infection:

Sanitization Protocols:
Further details will be provided as the situation develops. Should you have any concerns and/or queries, please feel free to contact your local TCI representative or the contact provided below.