The TCI Founder late Shri. P.D. Agarwal was of a firm conviction that the overall well being and sustainability of the present and the future generations and businesses depends on our intent and actions to protect the environment. Shri. P. D. Agarwal, hailed from a drought prone area of Rajasthan, initiated various actions in the early 60s and 70s in the area of water conservation and land & desert development programmes as pilot project in Rajasthan. These projects were recognized and provided the road map for the local administration and the community to take up more initiatives and to carry on the legacy of environment protection in the areas where Shri. PD Agarwal set out to work.

TCI is carrying forward the legacy and making its own humble contribution towards the protection of the environment, conservation of energy, use of renewable sources of energy, production of alternative source of energy etc. and working towards going Green which is reflected in its building, architecture and the materials used. Using energy judiciously and practising the three R’s- Reduction, Recycle and Reuse results in double pay-off, a big operating cost reduction along with the reduction in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions the two objectives that are directly correlated.

“Moving India Moving GREEN”